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Ghost Stories

Hey Friend! How are ya?? How is it that we are nearly at October’s doorstep? How is it that I haven’t written here in forever? Promise me one thing, okay guys? Promise me that you’ll come and steal all of … Continue reading

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Yeah, It’s Like That — A Personal Update

Howdy Folks, How’s it going guys? I truly mean it when I say I hope you are out there changing the world. Whether it’s by a story, song, smile, or whatever else. Just go do something!! Well the last two … Continue reading

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Don’t Listen, Linda

Hey There, How you doing? Yaay for you surviving Tuesday!! Is it only Tuesday?! Has it not been the longest most Monday-ish Tuesday in a long while? Goodness! I’m a little embarrassed to tell how clever I think I am … Continue reading

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This Is The Moment. Or It Might Be The Next One.

Good Morning! Well how are you today? Did you sleep well? Great! Who knew there even was an 9:30 in the morning? Just kidding of course, my first baby gets here around 7:10. But I usually write at night. Something … Continue reading

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A Pizza, A Partridge, And A Story

Howdy, Some days, I think  Christians need cuss words, and not the little “darn it” variety. And yes, I have actually had this conversation with my pastor. Although he seems to view the topic in an entirely different way. Alright, … Continue reading

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Tossed About But Lifted Up

“It is unimaginable to picture a wooden-faced, stoic, joyless, and judgmental Jesus as He reclined with ragamuffins.” –Brennan Manning “I grew up hearing everyone tell me ‘God loves you’. I would say big deal, God loves everybody. That don’t make … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love?

Hey There, Last Monday night, my little brother and I were having a leisurely evening. We made homemade quesadillas, and watched The Gaithers and Thor. Somewhere towards the end of Thor, a really sweet friend sent me a text, and … Continue reading

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