Yeah, It’s Like That — A Personal Update


Howdy Folks,

How’s it going guys? I truly mean it when I say I hope you are out there changing the world. Whether it’s by a story, song, smile, or whatever else. Just go do something!!

Well the last two weeks have been kinda crazy around here. Ever been on a merry go round? When you get off the ride you feel sick, and wonder why the heck you were even on there. Then you forget all that, and go again. Yeah, it’s been like that.

And where exactly did the time in the past two weeks go? Where does our unused time go?? Anyways, I thought I’d pop on over, and give you an update. You know I’ll bring the Diet Coke, here’s hoping you have chips and dip handy.

I had posted a few weeks ago about my trailer camper having a leak. Well, my stepdad John  and I ended up gutting the kitchen. I mean everything was taken out. The next day, he developed some bad chest pains, so I kept telling him “hey we’re not in a big hurry, we just need to get it done.”

By that Friday John was hurting pretty bad, so I called my nephew Dalton to come over and help. We started working on pulling up the floors. It was extremely slow going!! We were pulling up particle board, so it was like tearing through layer after layer of splinters. While we were doing that, my nephew asked me about selling the camper, and getting a cabin. He and my soon to be nephew (by marriage) would do the work on it.

So the Heard Camper was put up for sale. One day I received a “someone wants to come see it, they may buy it, so you might want to get your stuff out” text from my nephew who had posted it for me. That led to hurried packing, and throwing all kind of things in boxes, and taking my hang up clothes to moms. That was followed by a “they never got back to me” text.

A wedding, and a baby shower on the past two weekends, and the message that we were only going to get half of what we wanted for the camper, was enough to get me to say uncle. I told my nephew to remove the listing, and I would go about fixing up the camper how I had wanted to in the first place.

For Mothers Day weekend, I had gone to spend the night with my brother and his wife. Mom and John were supposed to come to their house on Sunday. Early Sunday morning about 1 am, we got a phone call that John had had a heart attack, and that they were transferring him from our local hospital to Dallas. By almost 4, my brother, sister in law, mom, John, and I were sitting in a tiny room in the ER in Presbyterian Hospital.

When they got him in his own room, we all pretty much passed out wherever we could. That began 4 days of going to and from Dallas (about 60 miles away), trying to get the necessary things to Mom and John in the hospital, and taking care of their house and animals here. John had to have two stents put in, as he had 90% blockage in one artery.

Oh and while we were at the hospital, my nephew texts me with another offer for the camper. Because apparently, he had not removed the listing yet. This offer was only $600 less than what we were wanting for the trailer.So the day before John and Mom came home, their kitchen, craft room, and barn were full of my furniture, clothes, and household stuff.

My sweet, exhausted sister in law and her sister, came and helped me move everything out. Now the latest word is that this person will come on Saturday to look at, and buy the camper trailer. Things are looking up though. John is home, and is feeling better. Even though my mom who was a nurse for 50 years, has him on a heart healthy diet.And well since I don’t have a kitchen or appliances, I have been staying and eating with them. It’s been interesting to say the least. 

All of this reminds me of my favorite quotes. It’s from the movie Tombstone. Doc Holliday tells Wyatt: “There is no normal life Wyatt. It’s just life. Get on with it.” On to the next thing! But hoping and praying that it’s good news!!

Well friend, it seems we’ve run out of Diet Coke, so keep on rolling!! Blessings and peace!




About Helen Heard

Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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