Nothing Important Happened Today…

Warning: Rambling Ahead

Mom and Little Bro goofing off on vacation last year.

I believe that there is something more than I can see. I believe that the arms of Jesus are holding onto me. Sometimes I won’t feel it, but that don’t change a thing, cause it’s by faith that I believe. I believe. — Chris August

Good Day Mates,

Writers tend to get attached to words and phrases. Some words just sound good as we say them, or just happen to hit us the right way at the right time. The title of this post is one such phrase for me. It’s the name of an XFiles episode, which admittedly is not a wonderfully uplifting show, but a fun one to watch nevertheless.

Little Brother and I usually take a Saturday and do a mini marathon of the XFiles (mini because I cannot sit still long enough to watch a movie, much less several hours of a TV show). Either the first or last season, because that’s all we own.

Anyways, what were we talking about again? Oh yes, nothing important happened today. It’s such a flippant phrase, one that you know means the exact opposite of course. But I did want to fill you in on what has been happening in my world :).

Today, Little Brother was given a promotion at work. I am soo proud of him! He has applied for this job in the past, and has been turned down. Then it came along again about a month ago, and he applied for it again. About two weeks ago, God told him he would get it, and last night his manager told him he had it. When his boss told him that he didn’t seem surprised, he said it was because God had already told him he had it :).

Mom goofing off on vacation last year.

Mom took her chemotherapy pill again today, she takes it every Wednesday. Sometimes, I really worry about her. She has pancreatic cancer, the same cancer that took her mom in 1998. She felt like the Lord said it was finished, but agreed to get chemo for one more month. I know the Lord can heal her,  I truly believe that. And she is doing so much better than anyone expected her to do. Especially since her doctor’s gave her 6 months last September. But the human side of me starts to doubt, when lab tests come back bad, and she talks of “not being around here much longer”. I’m just being honest. Like the song says sometimes I don’t feel it, but that don’t change a thing.

So there you have it. That’s what has been going with my familia. I am definitely attempting to put the story of what God is doing in my life into words, so I can share it properly. There’s just no describing the awesomeness of who He is. Well, I’ll catch you on the flip side friends :).

Blessings and Peace,

H. Reanne


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