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Ghost Stories

Hey Friend! How are ya?? How is it that we are nearly at October’s doorstep? How is it that I haven’t written here in forever? Promise me one thing, okay guys? Promise me that you’ll come and steal all of … Continue reading

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Don’t Listen, Linda

Hey There, How you doing? Yaay for you surviving Tuesday!! Is it only Tuesday?! Has it not been the longest most Monday-ish Tuesday in a long while? Goodness! I’m a little embarrassed to tell how clever I think I am … Continue reading

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For Beginners

Howdy, How was your weekend? All ready to get ‘r’ done today, are we? Alrighty then! This weekend, I found out that the flu really likes my family. It just moved all in, put it’s feet up on the coffee … Continue reading

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God, Celtic Thunder, and Me

  Hello There Good Lookin’, Hope you had a great day! I know this post is late. I had planned to write this post earlier today, but my nieces and nephew came over today, and took over the laptop to … Continue reading

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Untitled Work

Howdy! I feel like a young John Cusack, like making big mistakes. I feel like for the first time in a long time I am not afraid. I feel like a kid, never thought it’d feel like this. — Ben Rector  Okay … Continue reading

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Get My Rest In Another Lifetime

“I’ve a heart that’s in a million pieces, got a soul and he’s threatening to leave me, he said he’s on a runaway train from me. I’ll get my rest in another lifetime, and make it up to him. My feet … Continue reading

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Do They Walk Among Us?

Heroes, we all need heroes. Someone to believe in, someone who believes in you. Heroes,  they don’t try to be heroes. Doing every day what every day people won’t do—From Heroes by Kenny Rogers. (To hear a clip from this … Continue reading

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