For Beginners

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How was your weekend? All ready to get ‘r’ done today, are we? Alrighty then!

This weekend, I found out that the flu really likes my family. It just moved all in, put it’s feet up on the coffee table, and took over the TV. So the past few days have been filled with waaayy too many Hallmark movies, and an over abundance of sleeping/laying on the couch. I’m so ready to start working out and writing again today. Woohoo!!

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On Sunday, since I missed my local church service, I got to watch one of my favorite pastors Pete Wilson of Cross Point church in Nashville TN. He spoke on the subject of following the dreams God has put on your heart. I don’t think I have ever heard a pastor speak on a subject like that before. Please take the time to watch his message.

When I was a little kid, I would pretend that I was writing on my mom’s typewriter box (pre-laptops, son). I always wanted to be the secretary instead of the boss, when I played office, because she got to write. Notebooks were my favorite gifts.

Later on in my teens, I kept a yellow legal pad with me, and wrote stories on it all the time. I’m not entirely sure what happened between then and now. Like pastor Pete says, I think creativity gets un-learned.

I remember someone very close to me asking in my 20’s, what I wanted to do with my life. I told them that I wanted to be a writer. “You know, I just don’t see you as a writer,” they said.

Now, I have ghost written articles and was paid for them, and penned four Christmas plays that people rehearsed, performed, and came to see year after year. But I still remember that conversation word for word.

They say that it takes 1 negative comment to cancel 6 compliments. But I think that’s giving the negative words way too much power in our minds. I can’t for sure tell you that that what took me so long to start writing again. Because a lot for me was also fear and laziness. I have to own my responsibilities, and mistakes too.

Thing is, any and all of us are capable of doing something truly great. We just choose not to. And at the end of our lives, we won’t have the luxury of excuses. Fear, negative words, hurt feeling, and low expectations will all fade away. We will just be asked to explain what we did with the talent our Maker gave us. I plan to have an answer.

Mondays are for starting. Mondays are for new beginners.

“I’ve been scared to death of failing, scared that I’d look like a fool. And I’d rather quit than risk that I could lose. Now I’m not proud of that position, but it’s the hand that I’ve been dealt. And as far as I’m concerned that hand can go to hell. 

Chase me down outside of Georgia, I was sure that I was done. Something in me would not turn around and run. Heard the Lord in California, I remember who I was and I learned to dance with the fear that I’d been running from.” –Ben Rector 

Save me a Diet Coke friend. Blessings and peace!



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