Strange Dreams & An Announcement



Before anything else,  I  have an announcement to make. After much thought and debate, and after reading this article and this one, I have made my decision. Starting December 1st 2009, Lessons God Taught A Preachers Kid will make the permanent move to our Blogger blog. Thanks for sticking with me on WordPress, and I hope you continue to read LGTAPK on Blogger.

Now on to today’s post:

As a kid growing up, I have always had wired or freaky dreams. So much so that usually all of my dream conversations, start with “I had a weird dream last night”, followed by looks of “whats’ new” from my family. Well, on Wednesday night, I had a weird dream. Actually two of them.

#1. The Snake Dream

Someone was coming to our house, I’m not sure why, but it was something about inspecting the house. So while mom was talking to her in another part of the house, I was trying to hurry up and put things away. I picked up a blanket off of my floor, and there was a snake skin under it. I didn’t exactly freak me oput, but it did make me wonder if there were any others around.

#2. The Men Dream

I was watching my mom and dad in the kitchen, they were arguing about something dumb, like how to knock a golf ball out of a cup. Bored I went outside, where there was a family kind of like the Brady Bunch sitting around a table eating. I started cleaning up, and teasing one of the boys about how he never took out the trash.

There was a man out there, I don’t know who he was, but he started defending me, and he put his hand on my back. (Now if I don’t know you, I’d rather you not touch me. Actually I’m not a real touch/hug giving person anyways.) I moved away from him, and we went inside.I had a funny feeling about him, that he was getting too pushy. Somewhere in between here, another man shows up. He seemed nice and I had no weird feelings about him at all.

Then a friend of mine’s mom had sent me a text message, and I was reading it. Guy #1 comes over and is reading it over my shoulder, I say “excuse me”, and turn my back to him. Guy #2 is starting to go outside, he can see what the other guy is doing, as he leaves he turns around and hits Guy #1. My mom comes over to me, and she says “come on let’s go”, because she wants to take me to a friends house, and away from the guys. We are driving away, and then I wake up.

Weird, I know!!


Helen Heard


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