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For Beginners

Howdy, How was your weekend? All ready to get ‘r’ done today, are we? Alrighty then! This weekend, I found out that the flu really likes my family. It just moved all in, put it’s feet up on the coffee … Continue reading

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Stop Letting Excuses Ruin Your Life [Unless You're Tired Or Something :)]

Hello, A lot people, at least once each decade after turning twenty, take the time to reflect and take stock of their lives. Most of those people will discover that while they are generally happy with their lives, there are … Continue reading

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Do As I Advise, Not As I Did (part 2)

Hello, A continuation of yesterday’s post. #2. Not Using My Name As a writer, my name is my business. I would often use a nickname, or part of my name as my user-name for places that published my writing. Only … Continue reading

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