This Is The Moment. Or It Might Be The Next One.

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Good Morning!

Well how are you today? Did you sleep well? Great! Who knew there even was an 9:30 in the morning? Just kidding of course, my first baby gets here around 7:10. But I usually write at night. Something about the evening/night just makes my brain start working better (here is where most writers would insert a clever comment about getting your brain juices flowing, but that just sounds disgusting!!), or at least I start getting more creative.


I’m sitting here on the couch, writing this post, because my little niece has commandeered my laptop to watch one of the 1,000 Air Bud movies. And what ever baby wants, right? She’s adorable though! She spent the night with me yesterday. While I love having her with me, I realized that it messed with my nightly routine. And that in turn messed with me.

I’ve never thought of my self as a routine person, I’m more go with the flow. But as I get older, the desire for things to stay safe and comfortable is something I have to fight. Because there’s a difference between security and dormancy.

Usually, I walk a couple of miles down my road in the evening, then I come in and write for a while. At some point , either right before I power down for the night or when I need to move, I workout. That’s how it works.

Last night though, that was not how it worked. I live in a small camper trailer, which is perfect for me and my two dogs. A little after I moved in, I tore out the GIANT queen size bed in the bedroom. Now there’s a twin size in there, and the bedroom is actually a bedroom. Anyways, when my nieces and nephews spend the night, we drag my mattress off of my bed, and sleep in the living room, in front of the TV. It pretty much takes over my small living room.

So guess what? I skipped my work out. Haha, no. That’s what I wanted to do, but I haven’t been listening to the discouraging part of me lately. I worked with my weights over by the door. And if you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this last night:

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The point is, even if the way you usually do things gets messed up, keep going anyways! If you’re driving down the road, and a large tree is lying in your path, are you going to simply abandon your vehicle, or sit there and die? Or are you going to find another way around the obstacle?

Too many of us are working along on our goal or dream, only to be derailed when things aren’t happening like we think they should. Stay on your goals, you can always get back on your routine later. But you can’t gain back time that you wasted. One of my new favorite quotes from Dale Partridge is: “This isn’t a rehearsal, this is your life.”

We’re always told to seize the moment. Well get to it! But if that moment gets messed up, reach out and seize the next one. And the next, and the next, and the next, and the….
Well, save me a Diet Coke (one of those mini cans will do), and I’ll see you on the flip side,


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Listening to: Auld Lang Syne by Keith Harkin.


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