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The One Where She Talks About A Table

  G’day, How is your Saturdays eve’s eve going? I’m hoping great and good things are happening for you, my friend. So yesterday was a bit of a funky day. I woke up late, and then was just in a … Continue reading

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Fired Up, Feels Good

Hey Good Looking, How was your day? Hopefully more on the Wednesday-ish side rather than the Monday-ish side of Tuesday. My day was pretty great. I actually fell asleep last night with out plugging in my phone, and God woke … Continue reading

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Music, Love And A Whole Lot Of Jesus

Hello, I sincerely hope you are having a great day! For some reason on Thursday evenings, I get all excited thinking it’s Friday. And then I have to remind myself, nope, you have one more day. Uno mas dia. Bet … Continue reading

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The Sounds Of Silence

Hello, It’s been an interesting Monday so far.Let’s just say that babies and upset tummies, breakfasts and clean shirts do not mix. And dogs who are used to going for a walk with you will slip out from under the … Continue reading

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Borrowed Halos and Changed Names

Hey There,  Umm. Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a great Christmas….(slinks away in shame for not keeping this blog up to date.) Changes…. Perhaps you noticed that there has been a name change to our little bog. That’s because … Continue reading

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Jesus, Boys, and Music

Howdy, It’s good to get back to writing again. I’ve missed you little blog. So many times I had ideas for you, but my mind could never convince my finger to type them. But something finally clicked, and  it’s good … Continue reading

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How To Write A Christmas Play In 20 Easy Steps (Give Or Take A Step)

Howdy Folks, We have come to that time of year again. No, not the State Fair, high school football games, and green leaves turning red and yellow. We have come to the annual avoidance of writing the Christmas play blog … Continue reading

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