Viva La Musica!


First of all I must say that I love music. Especially christian, oldies (1940’s – early 70’s), christmas and classical music.  I believe music was born in us as a gift from God, and we must treat it accordingly. As we all know, there are different types of music, not all of which are healthy for us to listen to. But as I tell my adopted little brothers and sisters (aka my church’s youth group),  that is for God to deal with each person’s heart about.

As for me, I started developing my love of music as a little girl, when my parents were missionaries in Chile, South America. Since we were on another continent and it was the late 1980’s and early 90’s, we didn’t have the internet or satellite radios (gasp!). What we had to listen to was shortwave radio, and cassette tapes (remember them?). My dad and I would mostly listen to the oldies and classical, while mom was into southern gospel, and hymns. I also recall that mom would play peaceful instrumentals, whenever she wanted my younger brother and I to take a nap.

Now that I am an adult, I have very definite tastes in music. Often when I  listen to a new  song, I try to look up the lyrics to see if it lines up with what my faith teaches me. If it passes that test, then I will share it with others, even using my favorite lyrics  as my Facebook status. Although I do admit to keeping my Beatles and Monkees cds, which along with my You’ve Got Mail soundtrack, make it on to the computer as comforting background noise as I write.

There are a few place to listen to my favorite music online now, and for that I am very grateful. On such place is my favorite oldies station Legends 770 KAAM . They have a listen live link at the top of their page, as does 94.9 KLTY, and 90.9 KCBI. AOL has a section of their website devoted to music and radio stations. Yahoo also has a similar site, complete with customizable radio stations as well.

There you go, a few of the places where I get my music fix, hopefully you will enjoy them as well. Why don’t you share your favorite style of music, or link to your favorite radio station? Maybe we can share this gift together!


Helen Heard


About Helen Heard

Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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