Borrowed Halos and Changed Names

Hey There, 

Umm. Happy New Year. Hope everyone had a great Christmas….(slinks away in shame for not keeping this blog up to date.)



Perhaps you noticed that there has been a name change to our little bog. That’s because the old one was just wrong. Lessons God Taught A Preacher’s Kid is not the titile of a blog. It’s the title of a book. God gave me the idea while I was walking in the frozen aisle at Walmart (where all good ideas are born). He has been telling me to write that book for a while now….

The name Borrowed Halos and Changed Names comes from songs by two of my favorites singers/bands.

Sneaking Into Heaven by Chris Rice. “Sneakin’ into heaven with a borrowed halo. Hopin’ no one notices my broken wings. Peekin’ through these gates and thinkin’, Lord have mercy. I’m never gonna make it if it’s up to me.” 

And Change My Name by Audio Adrenaline. “Go ahead and change my name, and write a new song with this broken man, I want a restart, so take my old heart, it’s Yours to burn your brand.Go ahead and change my name. Cause the old man is deep in the grave. No more chains, no more shame. My God I’ve been remade. Change my name.”

I also want this to be a place where I am free to share about my life and writing. That includes my faith. Speaking of ….


More than anything I want to be honest with you about this. I’m a Christian because I choose to follow Jesus and His example. Not because I go to church. Not because I’m perfect. Not because it’s a crutch. I don’t choose to hide behind a facade that Christians are these sweet, smiling people that never have a problem or a bad hair day (it gets really humid here in TX, okay? :)).

I never want to act or think that God somehow chose me because I’m a great person. In fact it’s just the opposite. God loved me so much, that He stepped out of His way to save me. I’m not going Him a favor by being in church on Sundays, and serving Him. He rescued me. I need Him. I was on my way to hell. He took my hand, and asked “won’t you come with me? He’s asking you that too. 

In Conclusion…..

I see a lot of changes ahead in this year. It has an exciting, risky feeling to it. I like it!! But right now, it’s 4:04 am, and I’m teaching the teen Sunday School class in the morning. So I’ll catch you on the flip side, friends. 

Have a good night, and a blessed day tomorrow!


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Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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