Jesus, Boys, and Music



It’s good to get back to writing again. I’ve missed you little blog. So many times I had ideas for you, but my mind could never convince my finger to type them. But something finally clicked, and  it’s good to be back.

Back in October, I had written about a Chris August song, and I said I would write about the concert my friend, and I had attended later. It’s taken me a while to do so, because it’s such a personal story. Much more than just a concert. Because of that, I have written about in a story form, and in the third person. My hope is that this story might bless you if you are where I used to be. And please know that God can and still does touch people’s hearts and lives. Anyways, here goes:

She didn’t know there would be something different about this meeting. He came on stage, played a few of his song, then dazzled the crowd with a wonderful version of The Beatles Come Together. She smiled as he joked and played his upbeat music. Then he said he’d be in the lobby after the show.

The headliner was to come out next, and his crew began to set up for him. It was an elaborate display. She forgot all about the first boy. She loved the headliner’s music, as she had grown up listening to it. She sang along with the songs she knew. Afterwards, her friend suggested that they go find the first boy, to have him autograph his new CD. They saw part of his name on an upper level of the building they were in. They got his CD, then realized that they weren’t in the right line after all. The found the autograph line, and joined it, chit chatting with his other fans.

As they approached and she had her picture taken with him, she still wasn’t sure who he was. Her friend asked him how he was doing since he’d been in an accident earlier that year. He said his head was still hurting, and she thought that is was sweet of him to still take the time to meet his fans.

They left the venue, stopped for a bite to eat, and came home. Her friend loaned her the boy’s CD. She left it sitting on her cabinet for a few days. The next day was Saturday. She went to help her mom with a craft fair. Her aunt, who was also helping, said she had seen the picture of her and the boy that her friend had posted on Facebook. She said that was the first time, she had seen a real smile on the girls face. “That’s because he’s cute”, the girl said teasingly. She had tweeted the boy, and had hoped to get one back, but it never came.

That night as her family slept, she was making a crock-pot of stew, as it had turned unseasonably cold. She listened to the headliner’s music, and a few of her other favorites. She was really getting into a worship mood.

Suddenly, she heard Jesus, as plain as day, ask “Do you want Me to come visit you?” She couldn’t speak, she could only nod, and then felt His presence fill the kitchen. She felt her knees buckle, and she started sobbing. Jesus asked “Are you tired of church as usual?” “Yes” she said. “Well, you can change that” He replied. She finished the stew and went on to bed.

The next day, Sunday, she felt suddenly alive again. Church seemed better that morning. She came home, and that boy’s CD was still on her counter, and after her family went to rest, she decided to look him up. YouTube offered several of his videos, and while watching she decided three things right off the bat. #1. He was hilarious! #2. He was a bit of a dork, just like her. #3. He was completely adorable. She realized that was the personality that she was looking for in a guy, and promptly developed a crush on him.

On Monday, she woke with the sudden realization of what she should have known all of the time. A few months before that, she had heard God tell her that it was time to grow up. She knew she should be following her calling as a writer, but all of her stories were dark and full of pain. God had showed her through the boy, that it was alright to be funny and silly, and at the same time be serious about spreading His message. She knew then that she should write Christian fiction and humor.

Later that week she went to help her friends clean their yard. They teased her about the boy, and she laughed it off. But that night, she felt misserable. She hadn’t felt that way in a while. Actually she realized, she hadn’t felt anything in a while. Since her dad had passed away a few years before, she had just felt numb. She had prayed and had asked people to pray for her, and it had eased for a little while.

She hadn’t let those prayers take hold. Apparentely this time, God decided that she was ready. She walked outside, and started to cry. She wondered why she felt sad, lonely, and funny, all in turns. Then she realized. She was feeling again… God had finally gotten through to her hard heart, and began to thaw it out.

That’s how it started. It’s not so much a massive crush now, but more a huge respect and admiration for the boy. She still finds him, hilarious, a dork, and completely adorable.

But there’s something more, a connection to God, and that’s what matters the most.


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