I Could Use A Little More Him…..

He must increase, but I must decrease – John 3:30.

What Up Hommies,

It’s almost 3:30 here in my part of Texas, and I’m still very much awake. Why, you ask? Was it the 3 glasses of Diet Coke I drank before bed? Maybe, but I doubt it. The YouTube videos I’ve been looking at? Facebook? Twitter? Nope, I blame it all on this guy Chris August.

Last week, my friend Sandy invited me to go see him, TobyMac, and Jamie Grace in concert in Arlington (more about that in a later post). So now I have his wonderfully, amazing CD called The Upside Of Down, and OH MY GOODNESS, THIS CD IS GOOD!!! Anywhoville, I have one of his songs called A Little More Jesus on repeat tonight.

It talks about how we need more of Jesus, and less of us, and it struck me how much this is true in my life. Case in point, last month, a friend invited me to go to another friend’s church for a special service. Sure, I replied. Then I realized, I hadn’t done laundry, made dinner, not to mention, shower and gotten dressed (what? Sweats are comfortable ;)). All of these things needed to be done, I thought, before I left.

So I’m running around, trying to get everything done in around an hour. As I was doing my hair and putting on my makeup, I felt God’s quiet voice say “You know, you don’t have to do everything.” “I know” I replied, “But I want people to think I can get everything done.” “Again, that quiet voice came back and said “But they’re not supposed to be seeing you.” Facepalm! Should-a-had-a-V8. Except V8’s are gross, unless you get the fruit flavored ones. But I digress.

The point is that people aren’t supposed to be seeing me and what I can do, they are supposed to be seeing Jesus in me. They’re not supposed to think, “wow that chick can get a lot done”, or “look what she can do”. They are supposed to be able to see that I can do nothing without His strength, His life, His breath inside of me. That’s something I am still working on.

I still try to do everything. Sometimes I think that I jerk things out of God’s hands, and act like I can do them better, and faster. But you know what? That won’t work. Because God knows how our life is supposed to be, our beginnings and endings. He’s seen the scenes in the movie of our life, He wrote them, and knows when the credits will run, and who will be in them. He is supposed to be our director. He calls the shots, period. Letting Him be the Boss is the only way to find true inner peace.

I invite you to  try it sometimes if you haven’t already.  I’m here if you want to talk to someone about it. But more importantly, He’s here if you want to talk to Him about it. Just another lesson God’s teaching this preacher’s kid.

Blessings and Peace

H. Reanne

PS: Oh and Chris August also did this slightly popular video (actually it will make you lol, out loud :)).



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