God, Celtic Thunder, and Me


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Hello There Good Lookin’,

Hope you had a great day! I know this post is late. I had planned to write this post earlier today, but my nieces and nephew came over today, and took over the laptop to watch Netflix. As you can see, they have left me a few precious momentos of their visit.


Then I went to church, because you have to take care of your spirit,  and to get some yummy Mexican food. And now I am going to tell you the story of how I get off my butt, and decided to do something with my life. Warning!! This will be a long post.

First, The Backstory.

I had been having problems sleeping at night, and trouble staying awake during the day for a while.Which is bad when you’re a babysitter. Now, in all fairness, I only fell asleep when the babies were sleeping as well. I would sit and watch episode after episode of I Love Lucy and Unsolved Mysteries, getting a weird sense of satisfaction when my DVR folder was clear.

There was a persistent pressure in my chest, like someone hand their hand pushing down on my heart. I felt like crying most of the time, and had already begun to plan my funeral.

God and Celtic Thunder.

I knew I was supposed to be writing. I feel that God has called me to that. People have told me that’s what I am supposed to be doing. My family kept getting on to me for not writing. But I kept ignoring all that. Until God showed up with cute boys and gorgeous accents.

After a busy day of babysitting, I went and bought a Subway sandwhich, and came home to rest. On a “fluke”, because the kids had been watching PBS during the day, I started watching a special on Burt Bacharach. And then as I had been goofing around, and playing Criminal Case on it, my phone died.

The PBS lineup told me that Celtic Thunder Legacy would be on next. Great, I thought. Expecting to see guys in Jerry Seinfield-esque white ruffle shirts and green pants tap dancing, I went ahead into the kitchen, turned my back to the TV, and plugged in my phone. I turned back around though, when I heard Keith Harkin singing. Intrigued I sat down to watch.

There was no tap dancing, no weird shirts. They were great singers,  funny,  adorable, and oh yeah, did I mention the accents? I recorded the special when it came on again that Sunday. And watched it several times all that next week.

Easter Weekend 2016

By that next week I pretty much knew all of their names, and had followed most of the Celtic Thunder (CT) guys on Twitter and Facebook. On the Thursday before Easter, I was scrolling through Emmett O’Hanlon’s Instagram. He was the newest member of CT, so I wanted to check him out. He was of course an equal mixture of funny, goofy, and inspirational. But what really, really got to me was when I came across this image in his feed:

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Crap!! I had always though of myself as a mature person, and here I was making excuses for just about everything in my life!! So right after I reposted that picture, I did 3 things.

I called my doctor, and made the appointment my mom had been asking me to make for the pain in my chest.

I messaged a friend of mine who is a hairstylist, and asked her about cutting and styling my hair. Something I had been wanting to do for about 5 months!

I did what I asked you to do yesterday. I opened Open Office, and started “throw up” writing.

I went to babysit for my niece until the next day, Good Friday. When I got home that night, I was a bit wired. So after listening to another CT album, I grabbed my forgotten weights, and started working out at around 2:00 am. The next day, I went and got my hair cut. I also started walking to loose weight that day. The next Wednesday, after a little over 5 months of not blogging, I started writing every day, except the weekend.

Look at these two pictures. One is what I recorded on my walking app this past year, and the other is this past month. Notice the difference when you finally decide to do something?

FullSizeRender (35).jpg FullSizeRender (36).jpg

So What? 

We all have dreams. Perhaps yours is not to be a writer, but to be a painter, dancer, or a lawyer. Start doing something about it now. But I’m too old, young, slow, overweight, skinny, depressed, under-qualified to do X now, you say. I say, oh yeah?!

Well there was a five year old that saved her dad by calling 9-1-1, an 105 lady that threw out a pitch. Do you think they thought about their qualifications, or just did something? King Josiah was 8 years old when he started to reign. Lucille Ball was approaching 40 when she started I Love Lucy. I have an 18 year old friend named Hunter, who is serving in the U.S. Navy, living out his dream.

So no matter what you want to do in this life, get on it. Quit waiting. Get your butt in gear!! And then tell me about it!

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Save me a Diet Coke friend, I’ll bring the ice. I’ll see you on the flip side,




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