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Good Day Mates,

Hope y’all are having an awesome week so far!!

There are some moments in your life that you look back on, and go “ah, I learned something from that.” Then there are those moments in life when you go “yep, that’s going on the blooper reel at my funeral.” Sure anyone can have a picture slideshow at their final service, but it takes certain style and flair to have a blooper reel. But I digress. This weekend, definitely falls into that second group.

You see it all started on Friday evening, when there was a ladies meeting  church at my church. I got home late, and finished up the laundry because we were having company on Saturday. It was after midnight, and I still hadn’t posted anything on here, so I thought “hey I’ll make a vlog!” My plan was to email it to myself, and then upload it from there. But the video kept telling me that it was too big of a file.

So I put my little thinking cap on, and googled to find out what app I could use. The first result that came up was Dropbox. I’d had an account with them before but had never used it, so I pulled up their site, and clicked on download to desktop. I was feeling pretty darn clever, until….

All of a sudden all of these crazy ads starting popping up! Weather reports, PC cleaners, and all kinds of other things. It even changed my homepage in Goggle Chrome! I was scared and annoyed, to say the least. I started deleting things like crazy! I tweeted Dropbox and I tell ya, nothing gets your point across to a company quite like the angry emoji.

Twitter, Dropbox

The following night, I had yet another brilliant idea! To get the rest of the programs off of Goggle Chrome (like the one that wouldn’t let me change my homepage), I would simply delete it, and re-install it! What could be simpler?

Google Chrome

Well, after seeing this little sign pop up around a dozen times, getting the Friends movie made seemed like an easier task. By this time  there may or may not have been a prayer asking Jesus why He didn’t love me anymore. Back to the trusty Google I went. And then in an article, an idea sat shining like a little gold nugget in the sun. Remove the antivirus! I took McAfee off of our computer.  And Google Chrome took up residence on our laptop once again!

Now, I knew I couldn’t just leave the computer naked and vulnerable to the world, so I went to re-install our antivirus. For those of you who have been following along on this story, can you guess what happened next? Yes that’s right boys and girls, McAfee balked like a mule. Aint no way, aint no how, it proudly proclaimed. By this time I was ready to accidentally spill a Diet Coke on the keyboard, if you know what I mean.


Somehow, someway, and maybe just a little because Jesus does love me, I found the answer in yet another article. It reminded me that McAfee is one of the only programs that will run better in Internet Explorer, than in any other browser. Monday night I pulled up IE, and McAfee slipped on like a little black dress would, after 6 months of Atkins and Tae Bo.

The laptop is fine now, none the worse for wear. Hallelujah! The angels are singing, the clouds have parted, the rainbows abound in the sky. And I am exhausted!!

Until next time friends, I’ll catch ya on the flip side!

Diet Coke

Blessings and Peace,




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