Our God Is Greater

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Bindi Irwin’s name was trending on Yahoo today. For those who may not remember who she is, Bindi is the now 15 (!!) year old daughter of the late Steve Irwin. As in The Crocodile Hunter. I remember the day he died like it was yesterday. Instead of the over seven years that it has been. I remember the feeling of absolute shock as the world realized that this person who was larger than life, had had his young life cut short. I remember how my heart broke for his family. A wife who’s husband would never come home. Two young children who would grow up without a father.

Following the link that Yahoo had listed, I came across Bindi’s Instagram account. She seems to be a healthy, hopeful young lady who often posts encouraging quotes. It seems that the Irwin family has taken the time to grieve, and has begun to heal. But even as I look at the pictures Bindi has posted, it occurs to me that some times in the course our lives, we will need a special type of God strength. Because, here’s a newsflash guys, sometimes life just sucks.

There are moments in our life that will cause us to crumble. We will fall apart, we will cry, we will throw things, we will feel like we can’t breathe because of the pain in our chests. Sometimes life HURTS!! And you know what? That’s part of being human.  And God is still there.

When my Dad passed away in April of 2010, I went out to my backyard, and completely fell apart. I sobbed into my Pastor’s shoulder as the people were in our house preparing to take his body away. God was still there. God is still here. He stands there like a Father waiting on a stubborn  child, arms open, waiting to comfort. Because He is greater. When the pain seems overwhelming, He is greater than that. When everything seems to go wrong, God is still there. When crap seems to follow us around, God is there.

God is there, God is there, God is there. God is bigger, God is stronger, God is greater. I will keep telling you this until the cows come home (assuming you have cows, and you want them home :)). You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. — 1 John 4:4. God is greater. Please remember that the next time you feel your world crashing in around you. And yes, even if we are angry at Him, He’s still there. Patiently waiting. On us.

The following is one of my absolute favorite life quotes. I love how this is written!! Because life really isn’t all of the flowers and rainbows, that Barney and Elmo told us about. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes you need Someone stronger than the pain. #Truth.

Rocky Balboa quote


Well, I’ll catch ya on the flip side, friend. Please save me a cold Diet Coke :).

Blessings and Peace,




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