These Shoes Were Made For Walking?

Hey There,

About a month ago, one of my church sister’s decided that she wanted to begin having a monthly ladies breakfast. We quickly discovered that no one could do breakfast, so we decided on dinner instead.

After kicking around several dates, we finally settled on yesterday. We went to IHOP, and had a yummy (and expensive. Sorry IHOP) dinner. And then we headed to the movies.

We bought our tickets, popcorn, and went to the restroom (because we’re girls). Then we headed in to the movie.

The movie started out funny enough, then went south. There were the expletives in almost every scene. There were the jokes about being unfaithful. There were the innuendos. Then there was the unexpected, and totally unnecessary sex scene.

The film did end on a semi sweet note. And as the credits rolled we stood to leave. As we exited the theater, one of the lady’s that I had gone with mentioned that she had considered walking out at one point during the movie.

Her words hit me because that was something I hadn’t thought about it. I did think about leaving during the movie because I’m not used to being still that long. Because the seats were uncomfortable. Because my tush had become numb.

But I hadn’t considered walking out because every other word was sh–. Because they took my God’s name in vain. Because of the violence that was played for laughs.

And it’s not because of Hollywood, and their lack of morals. It’s not because a writer decided to write a script that was full of questionable words. Or because the actors chose to lend their talents to that particular project.

I, and I alone decide what my eyes see, my ears hear, and what my mind absorbs. That’s one of the many benefits of God given free will.

I believe that God deals with everyone differently. I don’t believe that all Christians should walk out of every movie. I don’t believe that Christians should avoid movies.

In afterthought though, I should have put my walking shoes to use, and walked out of this one.

Blessings and Peace,



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