Some people call it a swagger. In Texas, we call that a walk.—President George W. Bush

A lot of people who come to Texas have a hard time with this. It’s okay, they can’t help it. They come and have concerts here, and ask us to yell ‘Yehaw’ (which my church’s assistant Pastor does all of the time). They think we all own ranches (which my Mom’s friend, and my sister’s boyfriend actually do), ride horses (well some of us can), and have trucks and guns (umm, yeah well, those are probably right). So you can see how they would get the wrong impression of us Texans. Ummm, well maybe, I just proved ‘their’ point. They would be people from other states, of course.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and they would be right!! I mean you may have your big hair, big steaks, big lakes, big prairies, and wide open spaces in Oklahoma or Kansas, or other places. But what you won’t find anywhere else but here, is our Texas spirit, our Texas pride. That feeling that we can pretty much do anything. That independent, love of God, family and country that used to be felt throughout the whole USA. But only more and bigger, because, well you know what they say.

So if you plan to visit Texas, here are a few things to remember:

Don’t call us Texicans, or Texaners. The word you’re looking for is Texans. Don’t mention the fact that Oklahoma has beat us way too many times in football at The Red River Shoot Out. Or pretty much anything about Oklahoma. Don’t disrespect our flag, we can fly it as high as the American flag. Don’t disrespect The Alamo either, some things are still sacred.

Don’t ask to hear us say y’all, yahoo, or yehaw, and we won’t ask you to say Noo Yowk, Masuri, or I-owe-wah. Don’t argue with us about politics, or anything else for that matter, we don’t back down easily. Don’t ask to see our guns or trucks, unless you really do want to see them. We’ll gladly oblige.

Don’t make fun of the way we Texans walk and/or talk, and we won’t have to tell you that you’ve been doing both wrong your whole life. Don’t ask us a question you really don’t want an answer to. Don’t mispronounce our town’s names like you know what you’re doing. For example, Terrell TX is pronounced Teh-rall, more like Eh-rewl, or even Earl, and not Tear-reel or Teh-reel.

A few Texas words and phrases to remember:

Mayam—Ma’am. As in yes Mayam.

Wader—Water. As in will you pour me some wader?

Trick—Truck. As in do you wanna see my new Dodge trick?

Buyun—Buying. As in are you buyun lunch?

Aincha—Ain’t you. As in aincha eating today?

Didja—Did you. As in oh, didja eat already?

Ya—You. Will ya be staying for a spell?

Y’all—You all. As in did y’all hear about Tom?

All a’ y’all—All of you all. As in all a y’all kids are gunna to be in trouble.

Thisun/Thatun—This On/That One. As in thisun’s mine, thatun’s yers.

Yer—Your/You are. As in yer about to be late.

Holler—Call or tell. As in well, holler when ya wanna move that stuff.

Wanna—Want to. As in oh, didja wanna do it today?

Gonna/Gunna—Going to be. As Well, y’all are gonna be in a mint.

Mint—Minute. As in your mama will be here in a mint.

Fixin Ta—Fixing to/About to. As in we are fixin ta go to church.

Spell—Amount of time. As in I’m going to visit Grandma for a spell.

Spell #2—Bad health—As in she had a bad spell, and ended up in the hospital.

Coke—Any type of soda. Ask for a coke, and you will be asked what kind, Dr Pepper, Coca Cola,etc.

Tea—Always assume this is going to be sweet. If you want un-sweet, y’all better say so.

Chunk—Throw. As in you better duck, I’m fixin ta chunk this.

Favrit—Favorite. As in do have a favrit truck?

Cayash—Cash. As in I’m fixin ta go ta the bank to get some more cayash.

Pay-yuh—Pay you. As in did Tom pay-yuh yet?

Yuh-onto. Do you want to? As in yuhonto go to the DQ?

There ya go. Be respectful. Take off yer hat for the Star Spangled Banner, and bow yer head for prayer.

If I have left anything out, I’m hoping all a y’all will let me know. If y’all have any favrit Texas sayings or phrases, please holler at me. Yuhonto? 🙂


About Helen Heard

Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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