The One Where She Started Out Talking About Christmas In January Part 2


Oh Happy Day,

Do I think having faith is easy? It’s not, sometimes it’s the hardest thing ever.

Have I ever though about walking away from God? You bet!

Have I walked away from God, and tried living away from Him? Yes.

Was I happy? No!

But you’re a preacher’s kid? Doesn’t mean I have always been proud of how I live.

Aren’t all Christians who go to church intolerant, Bible thumpers? Some might be. But the Jesus that I serve would show people love. Not because they were so lovable, but because He couldn’t help it. He is love. They’re were times people asked Jesus to go way from their city. Did He fight, yell, protest? No, He did as they asked, He walked away.

So Jesus just showed love to everybody? Yes, He did. But part of that love was showing them how they were hurting themselves. Jesus loved everyone, but He challenged them. He never just said oh, you know what, you’re good, keep doing what you’re doing. He said go and sin no more.

How do I know God is real? Because of what He did for me. When my birth mom couldn’t take care of me, He made sure I was adopted by loving parents.

When someone messed around with me when I was a young teen, He gave me the strength to forgive, and is getting me over the anger.

When I had to have surgery because a 22lb tumor was growing in me that I didn’t know about, He was there for me.

When I saw the car coming that T-boned my Mom and I, and totaled our truck, He took care of us. He healed our wounds, and had friends give us a car two months before that accident, and a brand new truck 3 months after it happened. He also had two off duty EMS workers eating lunch at the McDonald’s, right beside the accident site.

When I had severe panic attacks (I’m talking about horrified to get into a car, full blown panic attacks) after the accident, He held my hand, and walked me through them. He had me go to a Jason Crabb concert with a friend, where he talked about severe panic attacks, and prayed for those who had them.

When my Dad died from Sclorederma, He was there with all of us. Giving my Mom, siblings, and I strength to care for Dad, and comfort when I cried on my Pastor’s shoulder before the funeral home took away Dad’s body.

When I pray, He works things out.

Does He give me everything I ask for. No, but what good parent does?

How do I know God is real, and not some made up imaginary friend? See the above examples. There have been too many times He has walked me through things to be called coincidences. I believe it’s been Him the whole entire time. If you believe something else, well, let’s just hope you’re right.

So the next time Mom wants to go Christmas crazy, I say go ahead. It will just remind us of the One who we celebrate. The Baby in the manger, The One who died on the tree, Who is coming back in the bright light, and on the white horse. Go ahead, spread the tinsel, light the candles, and put up the Santa Clauses. Just watch it with the holly toilet seat covers, that’s just weird. Merry Christmas Everyone!!


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Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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