The One Where She Started Out Talking About Christmas In January Part 1

Oh Happy Day,
Christmas has come and gone. I know what you’re saying, and please there might be children around, so cut that out. You and I know Christmas has passed on, rounded that corner of time, and has just settled down for a long winter’s nap. However, my Mom and my house, do not realize this. My Mom (yes I still live with my Mom and little Bro, we’ve already covered that here), to put it mildly, goes a little Christmas crazy.

Around the end of November or the beginning of December, our house changes into a Christmas wonderland. The kind of house that would make Mrs Claus ashamed. We have a Christmas tree. You have a Christmas tree you say? Yes, but do you have a Christmas tree that includes new, homemade, and old ornaments from the 1960’s? Yeah, I though not. Do you have wreaths that go on the front door and back door? Do you have Christmas toppers on your living room curtains? Do you have four manger scenes in your kitchen, and living room alone? Do you have holly patterned toilet seat covers? No? We do!

An actual conversation we had went something like: Mom: If we don’t put the lights on the holly, people will say our house is half decorated. Me: I don’t think anyone could say that our house is half decorated.

So all of this get’s me thinking. How many times do we decorate, and forget about the reason we can decorate, and celebrate? How many times do we put up our Christmas tree, and forget about the Christ that died on the tree over 2,000 years ago? How many times do we put up a manger, and forget the Baby that was born in the manger? How many times do we sing about bright lights and white snow, and forget about the bright light, and white horse He is coming back on?

Now Heard, you might be saying, you don’t really believe in all that Jesus stuff, do ya? In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, heck yes, yes I do! I believe Jesus is the Son of God, born in a manger, lived as a person, crucified on a cross, layed in a tomb, raised from the dead, ascended to heaven, sitting on the Father’s right hand, and is coming back someday.

Am I closed minded? No, I will respectfully listen to your opinion, as will God. But I will also tell you about what I believe. If you don’t want to hear it, I won’t understand, but I won’t push it.

Do I use church and God as a crutch? I go to church because I get strength from like minded people. I hear my Pastor preach, and it makes me think, or have the will to change things in my life. I don’t think of God as a crutch. I think of Him as a Father, and a deep wide ocean at the bottom of a cliff. Faith, for me at least, is like jumping off of a cliff into the ocean. You are free falling, until you hit that water. The water swallows you up, and you can swim in it, or lie on your back and peacefully float. Either way the water has you, until you decide to get out of it.

Do I live in a fairy tale Disney land, where it’s all sunshine and rainbows? Lol, every stinkin’ day, something comes up. Whether it’s a bill that I worry about, or anger that I see in myself, there is always something that God shows me in me. Committing my life to God was more of an adventure, than a vacation :). Every day is new :).

To Be continued….


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