How To Eat A Watermelon

Good Day Mate,

Everyone knows that we cannot have a beginning of the year post without talking about resolutions. We have all been through many a New Years Day full of optimism (I will exercise, I write a book, I will catch up on all previous seasons of Flashpoint), only to fall flat after day two. We mean well, we just don’t plan things out properly.

Big Dreams

We live in America, the land of big dreams and big opportunity (I live in Texas, the land of big dreams, big opportunity, and big hair :)), and that is incredibly awesome. You want the moon? Well build something, and go get it! You want a remarkably life sized robot friend? Too late, these guys have beat you to it.

But perhaps in all of this go get it done, fight for what you want spirit, that we Americans have, we have forgotten one simple thing–how to eat a watermelon.

Plan It Out

The theory is simple really. If you want to loose a hundred pounds, start out by losing 10, 5, or even 1lb. Instead of saying I need to write a book, write a poem a week. Or get a blog, and post twice a week. Instead of saying I will exercise for an hour every day, why not just ten minutes? We don’t have to turn the world upside down with our genius all at once.

Think of your favorite celebrity. Did the good ones get famous the first time they ever sang/acted/played a sport? Or did they have train, take a job as waiter/errand boy/maid, go to night school, and take baby steps toward their goal? I’m betting on the latter.

Learn It

A lot of us are visual learners, which means of course that we learn by seeing. So instead of simply saying I want to work at home, why not take a business class, or shadow someone in the field you want to be in? Want to eat healthier? Take a cooking class, watch your favorite cook on the Food Network, or YouTube, as you prepare their recipes.

Another way to learn something is to do it. Like riding a bike, you didn’t know how to to it right away. You probably needed help. But once you got started, watch out world! That is the same way to think about your resolutions and goals, practice makes perfect.

Experts agree that it takes twenty one days to let something become a habit. Instead of planning for forever, plan for the next year. Instead of planning for the next year, plan the next month. Start somewhere easy, start small. This may fly against every piece of advice we have all been given by the “take the bull by the horns” people. The “all or nothing” folks.

But you know what? Who cares? If you don’t run a marathon in 2012, but still get healthy because you walked for 30 minutes a day, does it matter? If you don’t get famous and blow up Twitter, but still manage to do enough business to make sure your family has food,and the bills are paid, does it matter?

How you work your goals is up to you. You can go full steam ahead, change around your eating habits, your sleep schedule, sign up for 12 different social networks, and vow to post on your blog every day. Or you can start simple and small, then build up your momentum. It’s all up to you. Oh, and what’s the answer to the how do you eat a watermelon question? One bite at a time baby, one bite at a time.


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