3 Reasons Why You Should Have An Idea For A Business

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So there you are relaxing, watching TV, contemplating whether or not to go grab a sandwich, and it happens. Your friend calls you up (we’ll call him Bob). Bob says “hey guess what, I’ve got this great idea for a business, let me tell you about it”….And then he proceeds to tell you another of his wild ideas. You sit back, and hope he doesn’t hear you rolling your eyes.

We all know people like that. They are full of ideas, some crazy, some not so crazy. History is full of inventions that started out as crazy ideas. And while you might be busy rolling your eyes at Bob, you might want to pay closer attention to what he’s saying.

Now that isn’t to say that everyone is cut out to run their own business, and be their own boss. Some people work better when they do not have the pressures of being in control of every little decision that is made. Here’s why you should at least have an idea for a business.

Your Current Job Won’t Be there Forever

Just as there are many people who keep their dream jobs till they retire, there are many that don’t.  Many workers are layed off, fired, replaced by younger or less experienced (read less expensive) personnel, have their department downsized, retire, etc..

And while some may leave their current job willingly and with a healthy saving account, most do not.

You need to have an idea of a business to start to help you through the lean times. Preferably one that you know people will need regardless of the way the economy rolls.

You May Eventually Want To Be Your Own Boss

It doesn’t matter if you have a boss that only requires you to come in a half a day on all days ending with a y, or your company lets you take as much personal time as you need, or whatever it takes to make you happy.

Sooner or later you might just want to quit that wonderful job, and strike out on your own. You will need to have some sort of an idea of what you would like to do, when you no longer work for someone else.

You Need An Dream

Sherlock Holmes had his bees, Lucy Ricardo had show business, Dr. Cliff Huxtable had his kids finally leaving the house. Everyone needs a dream,  something to retire or aspire to,  and wouldn’t it be lovely if that dream could generate an income.

It doesn’t matter if your dream is to knit afghans, write for your local newspaper, make homemade jellies, assemble wooden furniture, paint portraits or whatever else, you should strive to see the income potential from it, not just the fun.

Whether you are trying to find something new to do, or simply still dreaming, you should always be thinking up new ideas. Write down the ones you like best, or feel more comfortable with, and then write up a simple business plan on how to implement them.

Remember that at some point your ideas may be the very thing that puts food on your table, so make sure you have a few with which to work.

Blessings, Peace, and Success!!



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