On The Third Day Of Back To Blogging…


Now to finish my song, (takes in deep breath) …. The girls over at  SITS and their sponsors Standards Of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances, gave to me (everyone together now) a chance to show off a post with a title I’m especially proud of. Whew! That was a mouthful, and it didn’t rhyme and wouldn’t exactly make sense as a song, but it is true. That was yesterdays assignment, I’m a bit late with this post.

I chose the following post’s title because: #1 I thought I was being particularly clever. And #2 I love watching old school episodes of  Unsolved Mysteries (I know I’m weird like that)! A lot of their stories used to creep me out as a kid, and Robert Stack’s voice still does. An example of one of their milder episodes, and one suited to a writing blog.

So here without further adue, is my post:

What the Unsolved Mysteries TV Show Can Teach You About Owning Your Own Business


Owning a business is hard work for anyone, but it’s especially difficult when the business owner is also the sole employee. That’s when you need determination, perseverance, and patience that you can muster. You also should take all the help, advice, and innovative ideas that you can get, even if those ideas come from unusual places. Perhaps, even from one of the most popular 90’s TV shows.

Before the era of the Survivor and Big Brother and all their hype, there was a different type of reality show, the reenactment show. These shows focused on something that had actually happened, a crime, an accident, an usual story, and reenacted it for the public to see.

Unsolved Mysteries was one such show, reenacting stories of crime, kidnapping, miracles, lost loved ones, and even more out there stories of the paranormal. They always ended each story by asking for the publics help in solving the mystery. What does this have to do with business, you ask? More than you realize.

#1 Make Sure You Have The Right Presentation

One of the reasons millions of viewers tuned into Unsolved each week, was the host Robert Stack. Robert had a unique voice, it was low and deep, and he spoke in a mysterious, somewhat creepy tone that fit the show perfectly.  (you can here it for your self here in the 1990’s version of the Unsolved Mysteries opening.) In business you also have to make sure you are using the right voice, and you also have to be careful as to what that voice is saying.

If you have a website make sure it fits the tone of your business. For example if you go to schools and host class parties, you wouldn’t want to be to serious in your promotional material, you would want to convey a since of fun and play. Likewise if you are marketing new technology to business clients, you wouldn’t want to use paper with squiggles on it, or kiddie looking folders. Sometimes it is all in how you look.

To be continued….

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