Family Traits

(Dad, Little Brother, and I circa 1989)


In response to Mama Kat’s last writing prompt (from last Wednesday! I am so behind on blogging/writing!), I am writing about my weaknesses. The actual request was to “ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is.” Well I really don’t have to do that, because as we are an open family, we will just tell each other what their weaknesses are, generally beginning with the phrase–“you know what you need to work on?”

So anyways, I just pretended that I asked Little Brother, because I know full well what he would say–my major weaknesses are my temper, my stubborn attitude.

I have my Dad’s temper (I know I’d better give it back). We will be incredibly sweet, funny, and easy to get along with, but if you tick us off whether we like you or not, we will blow up. As Older Sister explains as she has the same temperament: “our heads spin”. I am trying to work on this, and have gotten a lot better. But it’s still hard! Especially now that Dad’s Alzheimers has been steadily getting worse. If he wakes up in a mood, I find myself getting snappy too, if he starts getting angry, I do too. But with God’s help, I will change.

What I consider being independent, my family considers being stubborn. I feel that there are a lot of things I can do on my own, so most times I don’t ask for help. I also sometimes just flat do not want help, and it drives me crazy when friends (usually guys), step in to “rescue me”, or will not let me help. Like for example, cleaning up after last years Christmas play, Assistant Pastor would not even let me take out the trash. Grrr. On second thought, maybe I am a bit stubborn :).

Well, I believe that that is enough over sharing for today, boys and girls. I promise to start publishing more posts on this blog, including updates on Dad, business, writing, free stuff and more.

Blessings, Peace, and Success!



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