This was yesterday’s post, that I couldn’t get published before the computer died. There was a pretty bad lighting storm last night, and I have always heard that you shouldn’t charge a computer while it’s  lighting. New post coming soon!


My brain feels like mush. I’m just saying.  I tried to write last night and could not get the computer to work, today was full of cleaning up and moving things around, so we could get Dad’s hospital bed set up. So for the past week or so, my brain has been filled with dad’s health, mom’s feelings, hospice, Alzheimers, and final arrangements. I am so tired!! So tired in fact, that my brain may at some point tonight pop out of my head, and go snuggle under the covers on it’s own.

And then there’s the injury count. Last night, I burned my wrist on the oven rack while baking a homemade pizza. Today while cleaning up, I stepped on a broken piece of the tea set that I have had since I was younger (that hurt!!). Then tonight as I was coming in from getting dad some chocolate milk, I stepped on a roofing nail (that also hurt!!). So maybe tomorrow, I’ll get through the day without shedding any blood!

So in an effort to keep this blog from becoming an all about Alzheimer’s and hospice blog, I am writing a blog about that over here. Starting tomorrow though, I will write original posts, and repost favorite posts or articles,  from months gone by. Until then…..

Blessings, Peace, and Success!

Helen Heard


About Helen Heard

Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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