Got Articles?



Most writers have a stash of old articles that they have held on to. Whether we plan to one day place them all in a book, or we are simply proud of the work we have accomplished, these articles are just sitting there. They have lived their life, done their duty, and there is nothing else they can do, right? Wrong–I’m happy to say.

First, be sure that you have the right to republish your work, and that you haven’t granted a publisher or website full rights. If all is a go, then there are websites, where you can showcase your previously published articles. In some cases they can even earn you a little money.


Helium will allow you to submit previously published materials. You will have to find a title that fits, and may have to tailor the article to fit, but you can usually copy and paste right onto the site. Other writer’s ratings will determine how much money you can earn from Helium, if any. Still, it will showcase your flexibility as a writer. The catch–you will have to rate other’s articles if you want to get paid.


Another such website is Triond. You can publish articles and media, such as pictures. Just make sure you have all rights to the pics first. Triond owns several websites on various topics, and will take your work and publish it on which ever site is most suited to your subject. The catch–Triond’s editors must approve your work before they will publish it. For an example of one my Triond articles, please click here.

Divine Caroline

Yet another website that will show off your writing, is Divine Caroline. Premierly geared toward women, they accept works dealing with all types of subjects, from business to pets. Simply copy and paste your work, write a short description, pick from their many images one that best goes with your article, and then hit submit. The catch–Divine Caroline does not pay for your work, and their editors will need to approve your articles first.

Hopefully this will help you put those slacker articles to work. Don’t forget to check old blogs post, that you can use as articles too. Or you could even disassemble an ebook that is not selling, or grab those devotions and Sunday school lessons, or plays that you wrote. In any case, keeping on writing on!

Blessings, Peace, and Success!

Helen Heard


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