Do As I Advise, Not As I Did (part 2)



A continuation of yesterday’s post.

#2. Not Using My Name

As a writer, my name is my business. I would often use a nickname, or part of my name as my user-name for places that published my writing. Only recently did it occur to me (duh), that if people were going to look me up, they would probably type in my whole name (double duh).

The simple way to avoid this–Use your, or your business’ entire name. For example, don’t just advertise your daycare as the Corner Daycare Center, but Little Tykes Corner Daycare Center (if that’s the full name). Give as many details about your business as you can.

#3. Not Establishing An Online Presence.

I want things to look perfect, so I am always looking for that next “better” website. That has kept me from putting all of my writing online in a simple to find place. It has also hurt my writing career, because people will look for my business online, instead of just emailing to ask what I can do.

The simple way to avoid this–Get thee online. Start a blog, sign up for a inexpensive website, get on Facebook and Twitter. Put something online that says what you do, and how people can contact you. You can even list your business for free with Yahoo, so that you can be found locally.

There You have it, my top mistakes and how to avoid them. Now we have no excuses for not getting our business up and running.  I’ll let you know when my website’s finished, please be sure to provide a link for yours.

Blessings, Peace, and Success!

Helen Heard


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