Do As I Advise, Not As I Did (part 1)



So you own a small business, or are your own boss at home, huh? Congratulations! You are in very good company. According to a US Census Bureau, over 16 million people worked at home….in 2001. We can only imagine what the number is now.

As a writer, I have been happy to claim the title of being my own boss for a few years now.  And of course, I’ve always done everything right by my business. Marketing, advertising, elevator pitches, websites, blogs, the whole bit. Piece of cake. Okay, okay, actually no (I know, I was a shocked as you are :) ), not the case at all. In fact I am still working on a few of these. Read on for some of my mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

#1. Not Letting Anyone Know I Was There.

One of my biggest mistakes, not telling anyone about my business. Oh I told people that I was a writer, but that’s as far as I got. I never bothered to tell them that they could hire me to write for them, or that I was available for any of their writing projects. As a result, I didn’t get any clients.

The simple way to avoid this–tell everyone about your business. Not simply friends and family, and the obvious people. For example if you are a plumber, talk to your local home improvement store, local business owners, contractors, new businesses, etc.. You never know when someone might be looking for, or know of someone who needs, someone who does what you do.

Continued Tomorrow….

Blessings, Peace, and Success!

Helen Heard


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