10 Things To Do When Your Family Is Stuck Inside



I originally published this on my other blog Serendipity. Then I removed it to rewrite it as an article, and now I hope you all enjoy reading this post.

The hard winter that we are having this year, means that we are all stuck inside for a while, which is good because with the temperature being what it is, no one really wants to be out side. While some families are perfectly happy watching movies all day, there are some people out that have a hard time being so lazy. They might also have small children, that require constant movement and activity. So in honor of it being the year 2010, here are 10 things (in no particular order) to do, when you would rather stay in.

#1. Have A Dance Contest. Put on your favorite CD’s or crank up the radio, and see who can do the craziest dance moves. Winner picks dessert tonight.

#2. Watch A Family Favorite Movie. Make some popcorn, settle everybody down on the couch, turn out the lights, and put on one of your family’s classic movies.

#3. Remember Others. While we are happy and content in our cozy homes, there are some people and families, that will have to brave this cold snap on the streets or in a shelter. So look in the closets and in the drawers, find the extra blankets that you never use, and the parkas that the kids have outgrown, and take them down to your local shelter, or family resource center.

#4. Make A Special Dinner. Head out to the kitchen, fire up the stove, and get cooking on something really fancy, something that you only make on special occasions. When it’s done, bring a small table out to the living room, and eat in front of the fire. Or turn out the lights and eat by candle light.

#5. Sometimes It Takes A Village. Grab the Legos, Lincoln Logs, or any other building toys that are laying around, and get busy putting together a town. Leave it up on the table, or display it in a prominent place.

#6. Tell Me A Story. Spread a blanket down on the living room floor, or get out the sleeping bags and have everyone get cozy. Have dad start out telling a story, then when he gets to an exciting part, hand it off to mom, and so on and so on, tell everyone has had a turn. Or turn out the lights and tell ghost stories, for a spookier twist. Just be mindful of the little ones that are around.

#7. Camp Out At Home. Bring out the tent, the sleeping bags, pillows, and camping supplies. Set everything up in the living room, and have a camp out. Don’t forget to make a few smores, frito pie, and plenty of hot chocolate!

#8. Be A Cookie Monster. Mix up a batch of your favorite cookies, or maybe follow that recipe that mom gave you over the holidays. Let the kiddos use the cookie cutter to cut them out, then let them ice and decorate them. Bonus points if you make enough for your local nursing home residents, or the new family that just moved in the neighborhood.

#9. You’re Gonna Be A Star. Fire up the digital camera, or even the cell phone camera, and goof it up for a few home movies. Dress up in different costumes, and act out a play. Upload it to your Facebook page, and share it with all your friends, or e-mail it to grandma and make her day!

#10. It’s Always Time For Pizza. All you need for a great homemade pizza is a recipe for a crust, some sort of meat (chicken, ham, sausage, peperoni), vegetables, and cheese. After that the possibilities are endless.

There you have it, 10 things to do when you’re “stuck” inside. Enjoy!

Blessings And Peace!

Helen Heard


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