The Merry Adventures Of House Hunting



Mondays are pretty good around here. Little Brother doesn’t have to work on Sunday night’s, so on Monday he sleeps in, we watch a movie or he catches up on Netflix, then we usually go grab some lunch.

Today after our Monday lunch, I didn’t want to just go home so we drove around a bit. We went drove down a familiar road, and there we saw it–a house for sale. Now this would not excite normal people as it does us, but I believe that by this blog I have proved that we are not normal. We are trying to get our own place, and move out of Dad and Moms house. And as we can’t afford something on our own, we decided to go in it together.  So we pull in, look around the property, and snap a  few cell phone pics of the house.

We came home and then decided to call the Realtor, and as it worked out, she was 30 minutes away and could show us the house today. We show up at the house, and the couple that owned it was there, no telling if they were there watching us peering around their property :).

Upon entering the house it pretty much went down like this:

Realtor, Little Brother, and I: Hello

Lady Of The House: Hello, oh no one stepped in mud did they? (looking down at our shoes)

Realtor: No, I forgot. Let me take off my shoes.

Little Brother and I: (look at each other uncomfortably)

Realtor: Would you mind taking off your shoes?

LB and I: No, that’s okay (thank goodness we had on clean socks)

Realtor: How are you today?

LOTH: Don’t ask. We are thinking about taking the sign down.

Realtor: You don’t want to sell (then why were they letting us in?)

LOTH: I don’t know.

Realtor: (walking through the house, pointing out various things) This is the kitchen, this is the living room, there is a wood burning fire place, etc… There is a two and a half car garage.

LOTH (as we are walking outside to the garage) Oh they’re in their bare feet. (Umm, we took off our shoes) Did You close that door? We have problems with a mouse, he doesn’t come in the house, he gets in the cars.

Man Of The House: Lady, come here!

(Realtor finishes showing us the house, we meet at the office, and she introduces us to the Man Of The House)

LB and I: How are the utilities, how is the cell phone reception, what appliances stay with the house?, etc..

Man Of The House: Well… (he gives the run down of the electric, water, Dish Network bills, cell phone reception, tint on the windows, plumbing, septic tank, lawn maintenance, college choices for Little Brother, home security services, his opinion on blogging and social media, what the neighbors did for a living, why they were moving, and where he was from. All of this while Realtor sits down on the couch, and talks with LOTH. Every now and then, there would be a comment from LOTH, about not telling us something.

LOTH: What are you doing in the corner?

MOTH: Just standing here.

LOTH: Get away from there, you will ruin my plant.(she points out a plant on the window sill) I got this for Secretaries Day, and it’s still growing!

Realtor, LB and I:Well thank you for your time.

LOTH: Where did Man go? To the bathroom? Well, that’s tacky! Running away and hiding in the bathroom!

R, LB and I: Thank you, Goodbye!

MOTH: (who has gone back to the office, not the bathroom) No problem, goodbye.

LOTH: (As we pick up our shoes) Oh do you want to sit here, and put them on.

LB and I: No that’s okay, we’ll put them on outside.

LOTH: Okay, goodbye!

Once outside, Realtor gets Little Brother’s email address and we leave, happily dreaming of the possibilities of home ownership. As Mr Whitaker would say, the best is yet to come!


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