Trucks, Pastors, And Spit

Hi There,

Okay so little brother got a truck today!! Well he didn’t so much get a truck, as much as talking to the used car dealership, and settling on the money/paperwork for it. He is excited! Please pray that all things goes well, as he is to find out tomorrow if he can bring it home yet.

Please pray for our pastor as well. He has been preaching on faith, and it seems like the enemy is really hitting him hard. Blood pressure problems, being tired, and other things are coming against him. So please say a prayer for him, when you read this. Thank you.

I’m not sure why this cracked me up so much, but it did. We were at church Sunday night talking to our assistant pastors family. These are people who would bend over backwards for anyone in our church. He and his wife, who is just getting over an surgery that removed her pancreas because she was one sick puppy (it REALLY worried me for a while), are sweet and adorable people. Who also happen to be incredibly hilairious.

So we are sitting there talking, and he mentions that he needs her keys to lock a door, she hands them to him. He walks away, comes back, and tells her that her keys won’t work either, she says maybe its the door, and tells him to spray it and such. He says “woman”, and pretends to slap her, we start laughing because we all know that would never happen.

I say “Poor Julie”, to which she replies “I’ve told ya’ll to pray for me.” He says something, and she says “umm,you just spit all over Helen” (by accident while he was talking), to which he replies “it’s clean”. And their 15 year old son says “yes its holy water”. Oh my goodness, that whole family kills me :). I still don’t know why that cracked me up so much, but it put a smile on my face whenever I thought about it yesterday, and I guess that’s all that matters :).


Helen Heard


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