Cold, Cowboys, and Cold Case

Hi There,

I’m sitting here watching one of my favorite shows, Cold Case. I mean what’s not to love, there’s history, romance, investigation, and great writing. What else could you want in a show? Although it’s probably not the greatest idea, because I have church in the morning. It’s 1:40 now and I need to be up by 7:30, and I’m not exactly a morning person. I mean I can get up and go right away, but it won’t be pretty.

Speaking of pretty, the Cowboys won a pretty big game tonight (see that segway there, that’s why I’m a writer :)) against the Eagles. It’s about time Boys, we haven’t won a playoff game since 1996. And although I still don’t really think that much of Romo (I really miss Aikman), I will say that he did play a great game tonight. Won’t go as far as to say that we’re Super Bowl bound yet, but let’s try and win the next one guys!

I don’t know where y’all are, but here in southeast Texas, it’s been cold. I mean knot in your stomach, body shaking, face biting, ear hurting, don’t wanna go outside, puddle freezing, half a cord of firewood burning cold. Friday night we let the fire die to clean out the fireplace, and when I went to gather pinecones to restart it, I almost became a human popsicle.

Anyways, I guess I should sign off, and get to bed. Just wanted to update y’all. Since this is my personal blog, I kinda let it go by the wayside sometimes. I will try harder to keep it up, because I know that you’re so interested in what an aspiring author in a one stoplight town in southeast Texas is upto. Lol! A special thank you though, to those of you who do read this blog!! God Bless!




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