I'm Not Up Late, I'm Getting An Early Start On Tomorrow


Okay so I probably shouldn’t be awake now. It is 1:28 am, and we are getting up early tomorow to have “family Christmas”, at my sister’s house an hour and a half away. So yeah, I should probably be sleeping. But well….I’m not. I’ve had a weird sleeping schedule lately, don’t know what’s going on with that. Going to bed and 1 to 2 every night, then getting up at 7;30 isn’t too bad. Just don’t let me stay still for too long. I will be snoozing :).

The brother of  a friend of ours has been working on our roof this week, so I’ve been trying to be up and clean before he gets here. And who can sleep with all the hammering and pounding going on up there? Oh yeah, my little nephew, dad and brother can. Quite peacefully, I might add. I’ve been staying up late at night to” write”. Which mainly consists of updating Twitter and Facebook, and   harvesting my crops in Farmville. Other than that, I really have no reason to be awake.

Like today for example, I went to bed last night at around 11, then I woke up at 4:30 am. I read my devotions, harvested some crops, watched a little TV, then started to feel sleepy again. But of course by the time I start to doze off at 7, I get a text from Little Brother that he has already left work and won’t be able to bring home any Dr Pepper :(. Thirty minutes later, it’s time to get up and start the day.

So anyways, my whole point was this, I haven’t been on a good sleep schedule, I have been tired, moody, and cranky. Maybe I just need to go back to getting a nap like they do in Kindergarten. Actually sleeping sounds really good right now. Good night!


Helen Heard


About Helen Heard

Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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