Busyness, Feelings, and You've Got Mail

Hi There,

Well I just popped in my favorite movie, You’ve Got Mail into the DVD player.

It can usually make me feel up, when I’m down.  And today, I am feeling a little down, and a little angry. I’ve been busy, updating blogs, writing, babysitting, and getting ready for our church’s Christmas play, of which I am the writer and director. We have been practicing for several weeks now, including this past Friday and Sunday afternoon. And I got mad.

I’m not proud of it, and it wasn’t worth it, but I was fed up. My way of directing is this, I give people their script, wait a week and then start practices. I then sit back, and watch how the cast plays their parts. I say this is or isn’t working, and feel if anyone else has suggestions, they should feel free to say so.

My mom however, is totally different.  When she directs, and she has put together some amazing plays, she takes charge of the room, tells each person “you’re doing this and this”, and she is in charge. This has caused us more than one disagreement. So on Sunday when we practiced, she basically took charge, set up the props, decided what order we should practice in, and told the actors what to do.

Yeah, it was stupid to get mad, because that’s just how we are, two different people. I can handle things being laid back, and then get really tense as a major thing gets closer to being accomplished. Mom stresses to plan every detail in advance, so she can relax in the end. Oh well anyways, we talked about it that night, admitted what drove us crazy, and agreed to go from there.

Today though, I am stressing about the play that’s this Sunday evening(!). And I also am tired, and just want a change. If this were a classic book written in the 1800’s, I would go to the seashore or to visit my rich relatives in the East. But since it’s not, I’ll try to find another way to get around it. Well thanks for listening to my rants, till next time.


Helen Heard


About Helen Heard

Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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