For Fweee?


Howdy Hommies,

(For some reason I am feeling both Texan and gangster today. Just kidding, hey it’s been raining all morning, I gotta have a little fun :))

Anyways, welcome to Flashback Fridays! Each friday I will pick an archive blog post and repost it. However since I haven’t been blogging on here for very long, I decided instead of a blog post, I would share an article that I wrote with you about where to get things for free. So here it is, enjoy!

When is the last time you got something for free? You go outdoors and get the mail, and it’s full of bills. A family member calls, and needs to borrow money. There are groceries to buy, utilities to pay, gas for the car, and so many other things. It seems like your paycheck’s gone bef ore you even get it.

What if somewhere, there was a place where you could get things, that would not cost you anything at all. Guess what, there is one such place, and it’s called the internet. Did you know that there are sites on the net, where you can get things for free ? Well you can, and here are a few examples. is one such site. You can sign up for a coupon, or be sent to other sites, where you will have to fill out your name and address. This site has a lot of cool stuff like t-shirts, and some cheesy stuff like key chains. Free Stuff Times is listed by category, and date. Check it out! isn’t a site people usually think of, when they are talking about free stuff. Here’s what to do. After you are on Walmarts’ site, scroll over the orange tab on the left, that says “in stores now”. Then roll your mouse to the right and click  on the free samples link. Walmart offers name brand freebies, and coupons. is another great site. Like the Free Stuff Times site, it is listed by categories like clothing, health, baby and such. This site offers coupons, downloads, and samples, and you can also sign up for their free newsletter. is a fabulous web hosting site. Homestead will give you a thirty day trial on your website. It gives you a choice of a five page, hundred page, and an unlimited page site. Once you sign up with them, you can pick your domain name, and then start editing your website. It is that easy. (I have worked with these guys before. Their websites are super easy to use, and the customer service is excellent!) is a site that offers business promotional tools. Everything from postcards to car magnets is available for free, but you will have to pay for shipping. This site will also send you e-mails, reminding you of their offers. is a site that offers you the opportunity to design free invitations, cards, labels and such. I have never used them before, but they come highly recommended from fellow blogger Jill, over at Scary Mommy.

So there you are, a few tips to get you started. There are many more free sites to be found on the internet. Simply sign on to your favorite search engine, and type in free “anything”.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, and totally tapped out, maybe getting something for free might be just what you need. Now go on and get your freebies.


Helen Heard


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Hi!! Come on in, take the comfy chair, have a Diet Coke. Let's talk about Jesus, writing, music, family, and which M&Ms are the best (peanut of course)!
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2 Responses to For Fweee?

  1. kesha says:

    hi Helen, nice blog.


  2. Very cool, Very nice resource list.


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