Why You And Your Cool Peeps Should Be Listening To AIO



First of all, allow me to apologize for not keeping this blog up to date. For those of you who are wondering, and even those that aren’t, yes I have written the Christmas plays. And now they are in the hands, of the gifted cast of volunteers at Phalba Full Gospel church. The plays will be performed on December 13th at the evening service,  stop by if you’re in the area.

Now on to today’s post. So today, I checked out my “live updates” on Facebook, and noticed that my FB buddy Paul McCusker was celebrating his 20th anniversary of writing for AIO. AIO for those of you who are wondering stands for Adventures In Odyssey, a family radio drama from Focus On The Family.

AIO is a christian based audio show, that draws you in by spinning a tale of mystery, adventure, or getting you to laugh at situations that could be going on at your house as well. And please notice that I said a christian based, not religious, drama. While AIO does not preach to you, it is based on the teachings of the Bible, and the ten commandments.

As are our nations’ law’s if you think about it. The Bible says not to kill, as does the law, the ten commandments say not to steal, our government objects to that as well. Well maybe not the government, but your counties’ sheriff department will have a thing or two to say about it. Wait a minute, where was I again, oh yeah.

All sorts of thing are brought to life on AIO,  like family drama, sibling rivalry, learning to drive, crushes, dating, marriage, and Bible stories. Harder to deal with topics such as cancer, divorce, illness, job loss, death, and forgiveness, and historical events such as Pearl Harbor, The Underground Railroad, and War are explored. The more sensitive topics are handled with such gentleness and care, that the smaller kids in your house will understand them, and you will finish listening with tears in your eyes.

AIO has brought my family and I through a lot, since we have been listening to it for the past fourteen years. It has been our companion on road trips, early mornings and late nights, and even cheered us up during the time my Grandmother was dying of cancer. Our cd’s and cassette tapes have been loaned out to family and friends, more than once.

Now with the ease of listening over the internet, anyone can listen at any time. Simply click here, pick a story and start listening. Gather your family around, and spend a few quality moments being inspired, challenged, touched, or just plain tickled. It would also be a great thing to listen to during dinner instead of the TV, or right before the kids go to bed. Enjoy, and happy listening!


Helen Heard


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