Procrastination (Or Stalling For No Particular Reason)


(Sorry couldn’t resist a little Monopoly humor!)


I hope your Monday is going well, and  that you are getting more accomplished in your day than I am. I as my title suggests, am doing some major stalling. My Facebook account is receiving a little too much attention, and I have actually moved up a level on Farmville. Why, you ask? Well even if you didn’t ask, I will tell you anyway :).

The simple reason is this, I am in charge of the Christmas program at my church this year. Thank you, I feel your collective cyber hugs as you read this. Actually I was in charge of the program last year as well, and came out basically unscathed. The thing is, I didn’t really realize that I was in charge then. I know I am now.

I was asked by my families’ Pastor to write a Christmas play, around spring of last year. I wrote a cool little play, had quite a few of our church people volunteer to be in it,  practiced for around a month and a half, and were ready to perform it. When it came time for the evening service, Pastor said “are you ready?”, I said “aren’t we going to sing a few Christmas carols to get started”, and he replied “no you’re it”. Panic started setting in then.

We finished the play, and received rave reviews. But as I said, I wasn’t aware that I was it, in charge I mean.  Pastor introduced the play, because I donot enjoy speaking in front of people, my mom directed it, because she is really good at that. I basically wrote it, and settled disputes between actors and director.

This year I am writing and directing the play, planning the songs (because there will be songs this year), and hope to introduce the play.  So now, I am in major stall mode. Considering that it is Monday and I promised one of my actors (hopefully), that I would have his part written by Wednesday so he could “analyze it and think over being in the play”, that’s probably not the smartest course of action. Especially since I have not written a word of the play.

So if you will excuse me, I will bow out for now. I think I have a few things to get done!


Helen Heard


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